WCN Congress

I covered the biggest conference to date at the CTICC in 2015. The Congress (it is too big to be called a conference) was roughly 1200 people, with 95% being from outside South Africa. It was a conference on kidney health. Most of the speakers were speaking over my head! I am not learned enough to follow most of what they were talking about. My wife was the coordinator for the dinners and her company took care of the entire event including accommodation and transfers. A massive undertaking on this scale. It always a privilege to photograph icons and it is no exception that I got to photograph Desmond Tutu.


Day 2-0002Day 2-0004Day 2-0043Day 2-0047Day 2-0065Day 2-0072Day 2-0077Day 2-0078Day 2-0080Day 2-0091Day 2-0094Day 2-0098Day 2-0111Day 3-0041Day 2-0153Day 3-0001Day 3-0011Day 3-0033Day 3-0173Day 3-0199Day 3-0256Day 3-0283Day 3-0286Day 3-0246Day 3-0295I do enjoy being a CTICC photographer.

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