Sthe & Zandile

Lagoon Beach Hotel

Sthe & Zandile – Lagoon Beach Hotel Wedding

Its not often that I get to photograph weddings in Cape Town in May. The weather can be unpredictable and it can be very cold. This Lagoon Beach Hotel wedding though was blessed with a lovely warm day with a slight breeze. The wind picked up later in the afternoon but not enough to put a damper on the celebration.

The Lagoon Beach Hotel was the venue for Zandile and Sthe’s nuptials with the stunning Table Mountain as the backdrop. The hotel is a striking building right on the beach next to the lagoon in Milnerton. It has the most spectacular unobstructed views of the Cape Town sunsets and you get to sea the city lit up in warm oranges and reds in the late evening (early evening as winter starts creeping in).

African weddings have a charm of their own with emphasis on blessings from family and wise words from family. The ceremony was steeped in symbolism with sand and candles. This was followed by food and dancing at the celebration till late in the night.

Here are a few of my favourite shots from the day…

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