Robert & Maretha – Montagu

R&M-0356 copy

This is a wedding I shot in 2013 but in the busyness of life just kept slipping away from me… Admin is not a strong point. I was reminded about it when a magazine asked me to provide them with a few images for the wedding. Thank you Jane, from Cabrieres,  for always promoting your suppliers!

This beautiful couple did their engagement shoot with me in the Majick Forest one very cool sunrise a little while before their wedding. Maretha teaches horse riding on the property that Robert manages in Montagu. I have been privileged to shoot a few of their friends weddings too, so i have got to know a few of the really warm people from the little Karoo town of Montagu. It has made a small place in my heart and I really enjoy visiting and spending time there.

A truly bubbly person and amazing in front of camera, Maretha really enjoyed her day to its fullest! She revelled in the spot light and was an amazing hostess for her wedding. The closeness of the guests and the familiarity between everyone made for a truly enjoyable experience.

Here are a few of my favourite images… R&M-0002 copyR&M-0020 copyR&M-0033 copyR&M-0028 copyR&M-0046 copyR&M-0048 copyR&M-0057 copyR&M-0092 copyR&M-0095 copyR&M-0100 copyR&M-0106 copyR&M-0121 copyR&M-0130 copyR&M-0127R&M-0136 copyR&M-0142R&M-0148 copyR&M-0156 copyR&M-0158 copyR&M-0179 copyR&M-0091 copyR&M-0088 copyR&M-0083R&M-0077 copyR&M-0075 copyR&M-0068 copyR&M-0067 copyR&M-0320 copyR&M-0189 copyR&M-0191 copyR&M-0220 copyR&M-0231 copyR&M-0225 copyR&M-0252 copyR&M-0254 copyR&M-0322 copyR&M-0325R&M-0327 copyR&M-0307 copyR&M-0315 copyR&M-0342 copyR&M-0370R&M-0364 copyR&M-0358 copyR&M-0356 copyR&M-0353 copyR&M-0351 copyR&M-0375 copyR&M-0380 copyR&M-0392R&M-0393 copyR&M-0395 copyR&M-0402 copyR&M-0445 copyR&M-0438 copyR&M-0423 copyR&M-0417 copyR&M-0411 copyR&M-0406 copyR&M-0454 copyR&M-0451 copyR&M-0494 copyR&M-0478 copyR&M-0464 copyR&M-0497 copyR&M-0503 copyR&M-0508 copyR&M-0499 copyR&M-0521 copyR&M-0525 copyR&M-0538 copyR&M-0545 copyR&M-0549 copyR&M-0550 copyR&M-0544 copyR&M-0530 copyR&M-0556 copyR&M-0563 copyR&M-0566 copyR&M-0587 copyR&M-0608 copyR&M-0609 copy

All images created using Professional Canon gear.

Thank you to Jaco for your assistance.

  • Lezaan - 07/07/2015 - 08:59

    Stunning foto’s!!

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