Nick & Sandrine :: Cabrieres :: Montagu



One of my favourite wedding venues to photograph is Cabrieres in Montagu. Jane is a master of coordination and the light and the little ‘dorp’ are too quaint to capture.

Sandrine and Nick are world travellers! Nick is from Cape Town and Sandrine from Mauritius. They met in London and soon moved all over the world settling in Samoa after a spell in The Cook Islands.

The wedding was beautiful fusion of English and French with readings in both languages from a cute children’s book, “Je t’adore” or “I Love You”.

Here are a few of my favourite images…

N&S_003N&S_013N&S_015N&S_017N&S_021Montagu Wedding Photographer N&S_028N&S_030N&S_034N&S_039N&S_044N&S_048N&S_049N&S_054Montagu Wedding PhotographerN&S_062N&S_064N&S_065Montagu Wedding PhotographerN&S_072N&S_074N&S_075N&S_083N&S_090N&S_091N&S_096N&S_101N&S_115N&S_117N&S_127Montagu Wedding PhotographerN&S_134N&S_141N&S_142N&S_143N&S_164N&S_167N&S_175N&S_183N&S_245Montagu Wedding PhotographerN&S_255N&S_258Montagu Wedding PhotographerN&S_262N&S_267N&S_270N&S_277Montagu Wedding PhotographerMontagu Wedding PhotographerN&S_309N&S_316N&S_331N&S_347N&S_377Montagu Wedding PhotographerN&S_398N&S_419Montagu Wedding PhotographerN&S_435N&S_438N&S_442N&S_446Montagu Wedding PhotographerN&S_454N&S_476Montagu Wedding PhotographerN&S_497N&S_498N&S_501N&S_511N&S_514N&S_520N&S_530N&S_562N&S_586N&S_615N&S_618N&S_626N&S_635N&S_637N&S_646N&S_649N&S_651N&S_653N&S_658Montagu Wedding PhotographerN&S_673N&S_694

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