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Wiki definition:Architectural photography is the photographing of buildings and similar structures that are both aesthetically pleasing and accurate representations of their subjects. Architectural photographers are usually skilled in the use of specialised techniques and equipment. Interiors and exteriors are a blend of composition, lines, texture and content.

Architecture photography was one of my final modules when I studied in London. It is a beautiful mix of composition, texture and form that makes a good image. Interiors is a part of architecture photography.

Tripods are key for this sort of photography as I choose to use predominantly natural lighting. Designers spend a lot of time creating the right mix of lighting so it is important not to overpower it with flash, although sometimes it is necessary to add a little light in certain scenes to accent elements.

Below are a collection of commissions from various clients that I have done work for.

Casa Bella is a restaurant in The Grand West Casino and Entertainment World restaurant precinct. They specialise in Italian food. It was the day before opening when I photographed here. A crisp canvas with lots of earthy and natural tones and textures mixed with a few industrial accents.

Casa bella-001Casa bella-008Casa bella-019Casa bella-020Casa bella-024Casa bella-025Casa bella-026

The Leisure Group of hotels in Cape Town run 3 hotels closely situated in the centre of town, catering predominantly to the business traveller. The Fountains Hotel on Hans Strydom avenue recently had their property upgraded. I was commissioned to photograph their rooms and the restaurant.

Fountains Bar_029Fountains Bar_030Fountains Dinner Buffet_023Fountains Dinner_008Fountains Dinner_010Fountains Entrance_001Fountains Entrance_002Fountains Exteriors_004Fountains Exteriors_012Fountains Rooms_003Fountains Rooms_004


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