Farm hands

As a freelance photographer I get to shoot a variety of clients, often very contrasting subjects in the same week and even the same day! Take last week for example. I was commissioned to shoot a product range for an international tool manufacturer in an orchard in Wellington, a little farming town not too far from where I live. In that week I also photographed a sports quiz at a local casino and the launch of a new completion to win a Jaguar F-type.

The product shoot was simple in that I had a range of around 8 different models of products that had to be shot with a variety of models, caucasian, black and brown skin types as well as male and female. The products are a quality swiss made pruning and sheering utensils. Well made but not cheap. Yet the farm hands who were using the products preferred these products to the cheaper asian products and swore they worked better and lasted longer. No cost on quality obviously.

The brief was simple, hard lighting with a strong contrast focussing on the product. Fortunately we had a project manager and art director on site to make sure we were following the brief and getting the shots s needed. This is always a plus for me, because left to our devices we as creatives may get some incredible shots with great lighting but we could be very far off the brief! The art director keeps us on track and focussed on the end goal.

Here is the only shot I will publish of this shoot. Once the tear sheet has been completed by the client I will post it on this page to show you some of the end products of my work.

I love the feel of the old working hands holding a solid tool.

Created using Canon 5D3, Canon 24-70 2.8, Profoto acute B 600 with beauty dish and honeycomb

Thanks to Nathan Brooks for the assistance.

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