• General advice

This is your wedding day, the day you have planned for months and have dreamed about since you were first told that you would be princess for the day. Remember to take it all in. Take a moment whenever you need to reflect on the occasion.

If you can, hire a bright and spacious preparation room AT THE VENUE. It saves a lot of running around and keeps the stress levels to a minimum. Even better if you can hire a room for the groom too.

The room you get ready in needs to be large and filled with light if at all possible. This helps to give you space and helps me create light-filled and fun images. You will no doubt have a mom, sister, bridesmaids, make-up and hair dressers running around and then me and my assistant so the bigger the better!

Lighting is very important for the wedding photography. Although I use various lights myself, I like to keep things simple. Use coloured lights and different shapes and types of lighting at your reception. Candelabras and beautiful hanging lampshades add an enormous amount of ambiance and mood to the celebration. Keep this in mind when planning your decor.

Hire the best hair and make-up professionals/artists/videographers you can get!  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Do not waste it on people who are not professional.

  • Do you shoot the weddings yourself?

Yes.  I shoot all my own weddings. I also use a capable assistant to help me throughout the day. My assistant does not shoot for me though. He/she is there to assist in lugging my gear around and helping me create beautiful lighting for your images. Should you need a second photographer then I am able to find one that is just as capable as myself.

  • What advice can you give me with regards to the timing throughout the day?

The day is yours and am yours for the day too! I meet the bride about 2 hours before the ceremony or sooner if requested.  This gives me time to take the bridal portraits and make up shots. I will also capture the grooms preparation if he is nearby. I will also capture the decor of the reception if it is in the same vicinity and time allows.

After the ceremony I will capture the group and family photographs.  It is best to have a list of family photographs to work from and to keep everyone together so that we are not wasting precious time looking for people during these pictures. These family photographs can also be captured later on in the evening.

Once the family photos are complete I will concentrate on the bridal party and the couple.  These photographs are best executed an hour or so before sunset, the golden hour. have a look at this website to see what time the sun will set on your day: www.timeanddate.com .This session should last around an hour or an hour and a half if you can afford it.  Light plays an important part of the photography and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture you at your prettiest and best!

Weather also plays an important part on your wedding day.  We need to embrace whatever the elements throw at us on the day.  First prize is always a stunning sunny day with  a little cloud and a light breeze but this is not always the case.  Hopefully you venue with have interesting nooks and or interiors that we will be able to manipulate to give you a gorgeous setting to use should the weather turn!

The best advice I can give you is to BE ON TIME! If you keep to your schedule (as well as everyone else involved in the wedding) then all will go well with the photography.

Stay calm. You have spent loads of time preparing for this day and things will happen as you have planned. If they don’t, then go with it! there is no point in getting upset on your wedding day.  I will guide you along through the day and be your motivator if necessary!

  • Are your travel expenses included in the packages?

My packages include 100km round trip from Durbanville.  Should the travel be more then I charge R3.50 per Km for anything over 100km.  This will be added to your final invoice. If your wedding is more than 150Km from Durbanville then you will need to provide suitable accommodation for myself and my assistant. 3* and higher please.

  • Do I need to meet you before the wedding?

Although I can and have photographed weddings before I met the couples, I find it puts both you and I at ease if we can get to know each other a little better before we get to spend pretty much the whole day together!  I do offer a pre-wedding shoot.  This gives us the chance to get to spend some time together to work on each other a little.

The pre-wedding meeting also allows us to communicate and discuss the details of the day. There may be unexpected little things that I need to capture and will need to know before hand to position myself best.If you are not in Cape Town before the wedding then we can use Skype (Skype ID: sbf0t0 {s-b-f-zero-t-zero}) to chat.  I find this works like a bomb!

  • What is the booking fee for?

The booking fee is there to ensure that I hold the date for you.  There are only so many weekends in the wedding season and there are loads of weddings to cover.  Once you have paid you deposit I will turn away any other requests that may come in for that date.  The booking fee is unfortunately not refundable.  If I lose your wedding on that date then I may not fill it with another wedding and therefore have lost revenue.  This is a beneficial arrangement for both you and I.

  • Do you travel upcountry and overseas?

I will travel wherever you need me to go.  The travel expenses are yours of course. I hold both South African and English passports so UK and Europe are open to me.

  • How long do you need to cover my wedding?

8-9 hours should cover most weddings.  Muslim and Jewish weddings need a little more coverage.  If however you do need me to stick around a little longer than agreed then we can come to an arrangement.  Any outstanding monies need to be paid before any images are delivered.

  • How long can I expect to wait for my images?

I treat every wedding individually and every image is processed to some degree. This does take time and in the heat of the wedding season it can take up to 8 weeks to complete the editing process on a complete wedding. If you have ordered a book package I will will design the book and send you the pages for approval before printing.  I will allow a few small changes to the images selected.

If you are on a budget, then I do provide a disc only package.  You can order books or enlargements from me after your wedding.

  • And finally…

If you have any other questions or requests please ask…


Have fun!!! 🙂

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