EFC 48 – Grand West

The EFC Africa 48 was contested at The Grand Arena on Friday 22 April. Trained fighters in various martial arts compete to hold the belts. Its not something I particularly support but the sport of watching 2 men beat each other for honours is truly something to behold. Trained and tested, these fighters give their all.

Here are a few shots…

EFC 48-001EFC 48-004EFC 48-013EFC 48-015EFC 48-017EFC 48-018EFC 48-021EFC 48-022EFC 48-025EFC 48-028EFC 48-029EFC 48-032EFC 48-033EFC 48-034EFC 48-040EFC 48-042EFC 48-044EFC 48-046EFC 48-048EFC 48-049EFC 48-050EFC 48-051EFC 48-052EFC 48-053EFC 48-054All images captured with professional Canon gear.

EFC 48

Grand West Casino and Entertainment World

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