I am a Cape Town Wedding photographer. I shoot a lot of great stuff and I love what I do.

I follow many photographers work who I respect and admire, both locally and internationally. I also find a lot of content online that I enjoy reading, that both challenges me and my art and gets me thinking. I will be posting various personal and borrowed pieces from things on the net to let you in on some of things that make me tick. I hope that you find it either educational, entertaining, thought provoking and challenging. If you don’t that is cool as well. My personal ramblings may not be all that interesting to all, but I know that some can relate.

What better way to start than to show you what my desk looks like right now!


I work from a 27″ iMac, which handles most of my editing. I also have a smaller 13″ macbook pro, which I am busy formatting now because it has been a little sluggish of late and I am going to be shooting a lot in the coming 2 weeks. Some tether work and some onsite editing stuff for a corporate client. On the left you will see a recently purchased external HD. I have had 2 die on me in the last few weeks! Hence the redundancy of buying more and cloning and copying my work onto multiple drives. Some of the images lost were not backed up and now forever lost to the world. 🙁

I shoot Canon. I have a couple of amazing hard working 5D’s and a small arsenal of lenses and flashes along with a host of other gear that all photographers need, but not nearly enough! (its never enough for a photographer!)

Its not the tidiest workspace but it is home. It where the magic happens. 😉 What is missing is the usual cup of Republic Coffee, my favourite coffee roasted by a good friend of mine.

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