Gareth & Natalie – Old Mac daddy

Elgin Weddings

Natalie is the sister of a previous bride, Lucinda (you can see her wedding here). I love shooting family weddings. As a social person, I can extend the relationships created with people I have met before and it helps when you know the families.
Gareth and Natalie’s story is beautiful one. One of love of at first sight and pursuit. A long courtship and eventually a gorgeous wedding day.
The day was a stunner in September. TI have never photographed at the Old Mac Daddy in Elgin before so it is always exciting finding interesting places to photograph. The quaint trailer homes make for fun shots and create their own lines and feeling. I can understand why they would want to get married here, each trailer is themed and the guests have a lot of fun while spending the weekend.
Here are a few of my favourite images from the day.

Elgin Weddings, Old Mac DaddyG&N-006Elgin WeddingsG&N-017G&N-019G&N-021G&N-024G&N-040G&N-047G&N-059G&N-065G&N-072G&N-079G&N-081G&N-093G&N-094G&N-098G&N-105G&N-110G&N-113G&N-120G&N-121G&N-130G&N-132G&N-141G&N-142G&N-147G&N-166G&N-172G&N-177G&N-185G&N-194G&N-202G&N-214G&N-224G&N-236G&N-252G&N-257G&N-266G&N-282G&N-284G&N-302G&N-316G&N-325G&N-328G&N-332G&N-335G&N-345G&N-350G&N-360G&N-371G&N-374G&N-380G&N-383G&N-384G&N-391G&N-395G&N-408G&N-413G&N-422G&N-436G&N-443G&N-446G&N-459G&N-466G&N-473G&N-488G&N-497G&N-499G&N-508G&N-512G&N-519G&N-538G&N-549G&N-553G&N-555G&N-559G&N-562G&N-570G&N-581G&N-586G&N-589G&N-593G&N-596G&N-600G&N-607G&N-610G&N-615G&N-617G&N-622


Thanks to Jaco for assisting me!

All images created using professional Canon gear.

Elgin Weddings, Old Mac Daddy

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